Cardinia Waters Retirement Village Melbourne, Victoria


Contact Details

Cardinia Waters Retirement Village

36 Racecourse Rd
Pakenham VIC 3810


Village Manager - Manny Vella

Village Administration - 5945 7509 (Business Hours)


Sales Consultant - Gerry Thomas

Please call 1800 112 955 for all sales enquiries and to make an appointment to tour the village 




Cardinia Waters is a thriving retirement village with a laidback lifestyle located in the heart of beautiful wetlands. Choose to participate or take time out from the extensive range of activities and fabulous facilities. The choice is yours.
See you here soon!

Cardinia Waters Village

36 - 40 Racecourse Road,

Pakenham, Victoria, 3810


Village Enquiries

Phone Village Administration 59457509


Sales Enquiries

Call Gerry on 1800 112955



Community Facilities 

Facilities at Cardinia Waters Village



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